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Industrial Coatings

ITE offers industrial coating solutions that last for over 80 years for a broad array of industrial, commercial and institutional facilities and equipment. These products include a variety of high solids solvent borne and waterborne coatings.  Our industrial coatings division is a leading military supplier. We apply Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC) to specialized equipment and vehicles. Our municipal and construction division offers rust removal, potable water tank coatings, bed liners, off shore zinc and epoxy coatings.

ITE's experienced staff will help you determine the appropriate surface preparation or blast cleaning system to match your requirements. Proper surface preparation is critical for the success of every cleaning, coating or lining project.

Shooting abrasive particles at a surface is the fastest and most thorough means of cleaning, de-scaling, de-burring and removing oxides and other surface contaminants. This process works for awkward interiors, such as tanks, and on open surfaces like service bodies. We use an abrasive, the force with which it is blasted and the medium used to create the pressure are all variables that ITE understands and can confidently match to the task in order to achieve the optimum results. We offer one of the largest indoor environmentally friendly blasting facilities in the region.

ITE solves your custom fabrication & equipment challenges. From design through installation, through years of service, ITE's custom solutions meet your unique requirements. We can construct any project requiring structural steel, aluminum, or stainless steel.

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